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"To create, sustain and to serve"

In Short, Thinkervault are a digital brand development company that specialized in developing and sustaining an online based brand's that includes a Media platform(Kupi Kupi GO), an E-commerce(, a 'horror story' web and app ( and a community platform (

And For those of you who like to read, below is our company history :)

We hope you like to read! :)

With the value 'Implementing Value in Digital Brand's', our story began in 2008, our founder Ekram Mahat, a digital tech enthusiast started several online brands that includes website and application that focuses to give value to user's. These brand's include News Portal (Media) and Utility App (Tech) on Google Play.
Coming up the years, around 2010 during his University days, he began to learn website and apps management and the bussines aspect of selling digital based product thus starting his journey in developng, managing and selling website and apps for several client such as UiTM, Shah Alam, Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association (KDCA) just to name a few.
The love for tech and business grew and through time he realized he combine the element of business and digital tech creating several start up brand which includes Kupi Kupi GO (Media platform), (e-commerce), (Creators online portal) as well as managing several apps and games utilizing social media brand. With one goal in mind, to create and bring value to it's user's.
Seeing a steady performance growth from those four brands, as for 2020, Thinkervault had already being Incorporated as Thinkervault SDN BHD (1356894-M), where our focus now are on developing and sustaining our current brands mention above.
As of now, we are in progress of introducing more brands into the new emerging market so stay tune for more update from us @

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